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African Middle Classes Beyond the Buzz – An interview with Abebe Shimeles (AfDB)

Democracy in Africa. Reversing Backsliding after Ten Years of the African Charter on Democracy

Between 15-21 November 2017, a day short of one week, Africa’s second longest-serving leader, President Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe was forced out of office through a spectacular coup d’État. The collapse of Mugabe is hardly surprising, with the country having... Lire la suite →

Sanctions on African countries: what impact? Video interview with EJ Hogendoorn

Africa and the ICC Going Forward

October 2016 presented a grim test for the fourteen-year-old International Criminal Court (ICC) as three Sub-Saharan African countries, Burundi, South Africa and Gambia announced their decision to opt out of the international judicial body. Do these countries currently have the regional... Lire la suite →

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